MTFS Youth Learn

Ignite students’ interest in STEM through experiential learning and technological exploration.

For middle and high schools that want to engage students in their schoolwork through experiential exploration of technology, our classes provide both equipment and curriculum to ignite their interest in technology and their own potential.

Through MTFS Youth Learn, we work with schools to create custom programming around building fundamental technical skills – like CompTIA IT, Cisco IT and IT basics – and practical application through courses including website design, app design, and game and coding design.


Students of all ages can earn certifications to put on resumes, explore opportunities for a career in the IT field, and gain experience through hands-on learning. Upon receiving a certification, students are eligible to earn a free laptop to help them network, research, and apply for jobs.


Game Coding and Design: Using STEM Fuse Game:IT curriculum, students learn game design and development in an engaging, project-based format.

Website Design and Development: Students are introduced to website design and development.

App Design: Introduces students to the design and development of applications for mobile devices.

Discover IT: For high school students who want to improve their academic achievement or economic stability, DISCOVER IT Certification Training offers a curriculum designed to explore and prepare for a future job in technology.  Students will develop digital literacy and technology fundamentals and gain insight into potential career paths in IT.  If your school or nonprofit is interested in offering DISCOVER IT training for your students, please contact us.