Success Story

When the pandemic started, we quickly pivoted to begin distributing free refurbished laptops to students for distance learning.

We received an application from a woman named Hannah, a college student and mom who needed a computer for distance learning. Like so many people, Hannah became a casual employee of her company in March and was not able to purchase a computer for her family.

Prior to the pandemic, she would visit libraries to use their computers. But with the libraries closed and both her and her son participating in distance learning, that was no longer an option.

“I am very grateful to have been given this computer – it dramatically increased my ability to connect and complete school assignments. The laptop has also helped my son maintain social connections with his friends this summer. Nearly all of his extracurricular activities and daycares were canceled, this has helped keep some interactions with his friends and siblings alive. I honestly cannot imagine what this summer would have looked like or what I would have done without this device.

This program, to say the least, has been extremely beneficial to me, my learning, and my family. We are so appreciative! Thank you so much.”