NAID Certified Sanitization

NAID Certified Sanitization

Our NAID certification means that from the moment your used technology is on our truck, it is handled with the utmost security and responsibility. Every step of the way your data is protected until it is completely destroyed in the refurbishing process. See our certification information here.

Every hard drive goes through a rigorous scrubbing process using a wiping tool that meets NIST 800-88 standards and is HIPAA and NIAP certified. This process assures our donors that their computer’s operating system and all personal data will be completely removed from the drive.

If you’d like us to physically destroy your hard drives, we can run them through a degausser for no additional cost. The magnetic charge from the degausser destroys the hard drive and any data.

We are also happy to provide a Certificate of Destruction for any organizations that need them. This serial number documentation provides verification of data destruction for every hard drive destroyed.

Transporting Donated Equipment

We take full legal responsibility for donated equipment and data, which are protected by our $2 million liability insurance policy. Equipment is loaded into our truck carefully to ensure it is safe from theft and makes it safely to our warehouse where it is under surveillance via closed-circuit cameras 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Certified Employees

A certified employee oversees all hard drives throughout the sanitizing and data destruction processes. The employees responsible for intake and data sanitization pass annual criminal background checks, drug screenings, employment history verifications, and I-9 verifications.