MTFS Learn Web: Certification Program

Invest in your future and learn the main programming language of the web! Our course offerings are always expanding, so check back often.

MTFS Learn Web

For adults who want to continue their education or pursue employment in the technology field, our Learn Web programs offer curriculum to build foundational knowledge for starting a career in Web Development.

A combination of public and private grants allows the majority of MTFSLearn students to enroll in training at no cost. For students currently enrolled in MNBenefits, Minnesota Tech for Success is WIOA-approved and can be found on the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL). Speak with your employment counselor about co-enrolling to support this MTFS training. We have helped over 1,800 people change the trajectory of their careers through our programs to date!

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Course Offerings

HTML5 CSS Fundamentals

Duration:  8 weeks
In person at the MTFS Headquarters. 504 Malcolm Ave SE #100, Minneapolis, MN 55414

If you’re interested in learning the tools used by industry professionals to develop websites and web-apps, then this is the class for you! During this eight week class we will cover modern HTML, CSS, version control using GitHub, Visual Studio Code, and how to publish your website and make it live.

Each student will build a website in this class. Basic computer literacy required.

Name of Certificate: HTML5.0x: HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals


JavaScript for the Web

Duration:  8 weeks
In person at the MTFS Headquarters. 504 Malcolm Ave SE #100, Minneapolis, MN 55414

This is a course for those who have little or no experience using Javascript, but have some experience with HTML, CSS or another programming language. We will dive into the basics of JavaScript for the web and learn how to add more complex website functionality! JavaScript is one of the three pillars of web programming, and used by over 60% of programmers worldwide. It is the foundation of many popular web technologies and an essential tool for becoming a web developer.


JavaScript for the Web: 3-day Workshop

Duration:  3 Days
In person at the MTFS Headquarters. 504 Malcolm Ave SE #100, Minneapolis, MN 55414If you’ve dabbled in HTML and CSS and are curious how to make websites interactive with JavaScript, this is a good workshop for you! JavaScript is an incredibly popular programming language used across the industry by software developers, data analysts, and front-end web developers. This workshop focusing on web development will provide a starting point for beginners who are interested in learning how to use a powerful, popular programming language. Expect to leave this workshop with a basic introduction to JavaScript and a host of tools and resources for learning more. Prerequisites: Familiarity with HTML and CSS, computer literacy, comfort with navigating a laptop computer

Seeking information about other courses not listed here?
Please contact MTFS Learn Recruitment & Retention Manager Jared Fessler for further inquiries.