Meet Peter

Peter was working for a charter school in North Minneapolis and distributing school fliers at the local library when he was approached by a Librarian who encouraged him to check out some computer literacy courses that were being held in the library’s upper level that day.  The Librarian also mentioned he knew there weren’t enough Black people in the tech field, and that was enough to pique Pete’s interest.  The IT certification courses were offered through Urban League, and after he passed the initial competency test, he was informed class started the following Monday.  Prior to enrolling in the onsite courses at Urban League, he’d be involved in many teaching opportunities with at-risk kids in addition to mentoring and coaching.  In the interest of making positive life change, Pete decided to jump on the opportunity.

“Education is a tool for self-determination, so it’s important to me to pave the way for people who look like me.”

The certification courses couldn’t have come at a better time.  After leaving his teaching position in North Minneapolis, he was in the market for a new job when the pandemic hit.  Following graduation, recruiters were especially interested in his skillset.  He wanted to pursue a career in IT but only entry-level positions were being offered.

Then in December 2021, one of Pete’s instructors alerted him to a 16-week internship with Minnesota Tech for Success, for which he immediately applied.  Halfway through his internship, he was approached about a full-time Computer Technician position in the MTFS warehouse (refurbishing donated computers for our programs).  Then in December 2022, a position opened in our educational department, an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.  Pete now serves as MTFSLearn’s Training Navigator helping applicants get their tech careers started.

Pete maintains education will continue to remain an important part of his life, and he’s excited to help people change the trajectory of their lives.  Pete is also an NBA-certified trainer and is owner of Optimal PROformace Training, LLC.  Young people interested in pursuing a career in technology are encouraged to reach out to Pete for mentorship by calling him at (612) 383-2398 direct, or by email: