Meet Louis

Louis is a veteran who moved to Minneapolis from Chicago when he was six. As an African American, he’s seen how institutionalized racism has steered people away from certain areas of society, including the technology field.

Louis wants to change that. He would like to start his own business and make the IT field more diverse. To achieve this, he attended not only MCTC but graduated from one of our free CORE: IT classes.

About our classes, he said: “You’re not eating and regurgitating book knowledge, you’re actually getting hands-on training. They’re teaching you the basics of the job, what you’re going to experience when you go into the IT field, and that means a lot. So anyone that’s just coming off the streets, someone that’s had some training, whatever the case may be, this is a shorter path to getting what you need to get into the field. With the help of this program, … I’m not gonna hope, I will get into network administration.” 

Our mission to create digital equity in Minnesota means that we have to provide access to technology for all people, especially marginalized communities. All people deserve the opportunity to thrive, and in today’s technological world, that means creating digital equity.