Meet Andy and Soua

Our free STEM education programming includes classes for teens to explore the world of technology through courses like Game Coding and Design and App Design. 

Andy and Soua, seniors at Humboldt High School, joined our Video Game Coding club when they were freshmen. They liked to play video games and were drawn to the club to learn how to make their own games and join a gaming community.

For Andy, developing games came naturally. He enjoyed the coding aspect and found what he liked about different games to use as inspiration to create his perfect game. “I really enjoy making games, it’s a creative outlet for me.”

For Soua, it was a lot harder. “It took me a while to learn how to make games. It was a different way of thinking that I wasn’t used to and it was confusing for me.”

When STEM Fuse announced its GOT GAME competition, Soua was excited. The first-place winner would be awarded $500 and he wanted to use that money to purchase a new computer. When Andy saw that his friend was planning on entering the competition, he was less enthusiastic but decided to give it a shot as well.

Andy: “I thought Soua was going to win.”

Soua: “I thought I was going to win, too.”

More than 250 games were submitted from around the world and Andy and Soua both ended up in the top 12. Soua was thrilled. “When I found out I made the top 12, it was the whole world to me.”

A few days later, the winners were announced. Andy came in first place. “When I found out I won I was planning on giving the money to Soua because he really wanted the money, but he won’t take it.”

Soua said: “The best part about making a game is watching people play it and have fun. It’s cool to imagine something and bring it to life.” 

To create digital equity in Minnesota, it’s critical to spark creativity and encourage the use of technology in ways teens will enjoy. Our free courses, aim to light the joy in technology, so every student has the opportunity to thrive.