Kuzie’s Success Story

When he was 13-years-old, Kuzie moved from Zimbabwe to Minnesota. Zimbabwe’s economy was declining and his family wanted him to have as many opportunities as possible so he could have a happy and successful life. Living in Minnesota took some getting used to but he adapted quickly and thrived in school.

During his senior year of college, Kuzie realized that he wanted to pursue a career in technology. However, he was just a few months away from graduating and felt it was too late to change his degree

“I had the knack for technology, but I didn’t have the path to build a career.”

January 2018 – IT Certification Training

In January 2018, Kuzie enrolled in our free CORE: IT training program. The program offers a series of free courses including certification training for students who want to begin a career in IT. Kuzie worked at Best Buy throughout his training and in just seven months, he had completed all three certification courses and was hired through our internship program where he was able to put his new skills to use in a professional environment.

July 2018: MCFS Internship

Throughout the internship, Kuzie learned as much as he could. He repaired computers, learned how to properly recycle electronics, how to install software, and learned some programming. Just as important, Kuzie said, he learned time management, organization, and how to communicate with different people.

January: 2019: CORE: IT Instructor

Shortly after completing the internship, Kuzie started as a CORE: IT instructor with us.

“Teaching will give me the opportunity to pay it forward. My ultimate goal is to teach people what they can do. I want my students to embrace technology and I want them to realize their potential – to see that if they stick with it they can use technology to help themselves and their families. And hopefully, they will use their skills to make the world a better place.”