How to Donate

What we do

We recycle and repair computers donated from businesses and repurpose them to provide technology access and skills training to people who need it most.

Your donated computer equipment will be transformed into life-changing technologies for underserved students and individuals working to improve their lives.

NAID Certified Data Sanitization

Our NAID certification guarantees that your data will be protected and completely wiped during our computer refurbishing process.

R2v3 Certified Recycling

R2 requires recyclers to assure that toxic material streams are managed safely and responsibly by downstream vendors-all the way to final disposition and prohibits them from exporting these toxic materials to certain countries.

Pickup and Drop off

We are happy to offer pick-up from businesses and organizations for donations that include refurbishable equipment in the Twin Cities area for a nominal fee. You can also make an appointment to drop your donation off at our warehouse free of charge. Equipment donors will receive a signed Transfer of Ownership, stating that we follow all laws governing disposal, is responsible for data, and accepts all equipment in its current condition. A certificate of destruction is available upon request.


If you would like to speak to someone about donating your technology or have questions about what equipment we accept, please contact Emmy Frederickson at 612-383-2402 or