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Recycle and Refurbish

We Recycle and Refurbish Computers

We refurbish computers donated from businesses and redistribute them to students and schools in need. Our programs give students the skills and confidence they need to succeed in school and begin a career in IT.

We Ensure Your Data Security

Data Security

As a NAID AAA-certified organization, we have the highest standards with regard to data security and destruction. We haven’t had a single data breach since we started operating in 1997.

How We’ve Helped

We are rooted in our community to give the help we can to those who need it. By creating digital equity in Minnesota, we are diversifying educational and professional spaces to make sure that everyone has the technology access and skills to improve their lives and succeed.

computers placed

Through our Computer Donation program, we create digital equity for students across the state by increasing access to technology.

students trained

Free technology training changes lives by giving students the skills they need to be successful in school and the workforce.

million pounds recycled

Any technology that can’t be refurbished is recycled responsibly, keeping used technology out of landfills.

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Our Student Success

Providing computers and IT training to students in need at no cost has changed the course of people’s lives.

Become a Partner

Whatever your strengths or personal connections to education and technology, you can help us create digital equity in Minnesota. Donating either money or equipment will help place more computers in the hands of students.

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